Trim & Molding

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If you are interested into increasing the value of your home and also exposing your sense of style, moldings you the opportunity to design the home or office space you have always imagined! Adding a molding or trim is an easy and also inexpensive building techniques. This is used in order to increase the value of your property. For example crown molding, wainscot paneling, chair rails or mantel trims can heighten your property’s architectural and elegance while also differentiating your home or business from others. The Hardwood Outlet is ready to meet any of your demands. Of course, moldings also serve functional purposes. For example, they can ease the transition between materials such as paint and wallpaper. T-moldings can be used as a transition between a tiled floor and a wood floor. They can also connect one wood floor to another. Furthermore, reducers can be used as as a transition between two rooms while casings are used to disguise the opening between your door and wall.

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