Flooring Accessories

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Whether you invested into laminate, bamboo or engineered floor, you still need the right tools and accessories to ensure your floor’s long life and looks. The good news is that we have everything you need. We prepared some ideas that will help you create comfort in your living and working space. Keep in mind that a flooring installation kit is an indispensable part of your DIY installation because it can help you lay your boards just like the professionals. Those kits come with pull bars to easily tighten the hold between the boards in order to tap the blocks efficiently. Also, you'll need underlayment if you have engineered or laminate flooring. Those are designed to secure your flooring and you can choose between solid cork floor underlayment, foam or foam/film flooring, as well as our specialized Floor Muffler brand floor underlayment. Furthermore, you can succeed a perfect glue-down installation that any professional flooring installer would be proud to call their own by using our kit. Once you’ve laid your floor, you can make it shine by using our cleaning kits which come with dry mops and replaceable terry cloth heads to help you keep your floor looking always new.

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